FAQ's Wedding Dress Cleaning - The Dress Cleaning Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove all stains?

Some stains can be stubborn and may not fully come out, however we will do our very best to remove them without causing any damage to your wedding dress.

Whilst we do not guarantee we can remove all stains, we can guarantee that we will clean your dress to the best of our ability to achieve the best results possible, whilst protecting the integrity of the fabric. 


Can you clean all wedding dresses?

It is extremely rare that we cannot clean a wedding dress, even if it is labelled 'Dry Clean Only'.


Can you repair any damage to my wedding dress?

Absolutely! Our team is made up of highly skilled bridal technicians who have worked within the wedding industry for over 25 years. Nothing ever phases our team. 

However, if there is a particular area of damage that requires extensive work, we will be in contact with you before any work is carried out to advise you of any repairs that we could carry out if you require it. 


Is my wedding dress insured with you?

Yes, all wedding dresses we receive are all fully insured for loss or damage.


How will my wedding dress get to you?

We will send you a delivery pack which will include one white poly dress bag, one white mailing sack, a guide to sending us your wedding dress, a customer form and also a returns address label. 

You should receive this a few days after you have placed your order. Once you have packed your wedding dress and accessories, 

contact us as per the instructions and we will arrange our courier, DPD Local, who will come and collect your wedding dress and deliver it straight to our doorstep.


What do I do once I receive the delivery pack?

You will find a 'Guide to Sending us Your Wedding Dress' enclosed in your pack. Alternatively follow our step-by-step guide online. 

Once your wedding dress is packed upand ready to go, email us and we will arrange for your parcel to be collected by our courier. 


How long does this process take?

Due to Covid-19 the full process takes at least 15 weeks. This gives us plenty of time to perform any repairs and to clean your dress.

Express services take 10 days - if you need your wedding dress sooner than this please call us BEFORE PLACING YOUR  ORDER and we can try and accommodate your needs as best we can.


Is this service available internationally? 

Unfortunately this isn't a service we offer. We currently only collect from and ship to mainland UK addresses. 


Can I see my dress before it gets posted back to me?

Yes, we email to you After Images of your wedding dress after it has been cleaned so that you can see how beautiful it looks. 

This also saves you from bringing it back out of the storage box once it has been expertly packed away. 

Can you clean my veil?

Yes, we offer various veil cleaning services.

Can you clean my wedding shoes?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to clean and restore wedding shoes however, we do have beautiful Wedding Shoe Storage Boxes available at a discounted price when ordering one of our Wedding Dress Packages.

Do you clean suits?

No, we do not clean suits or tuxedos, but being true to our Scottish heritage, we offer a full Kilt Ensemble Cleaning Service.


What can I say on my personalised box?

You can say whatever you wish on your box. Most of our brides get their new married name along with their wedding venue and wedding date. 

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