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Wedding Dress Guide - How to Send Your Wedding Dress

1. Place dress in white protective sleeve provided and lay the dress flat.

2. Fold Skirt to centre and then fold the bodice over this.

3. Place your folded dress into the white mailing sack provided.

4. Please fill out the customer information sheet provided and enclose this in your package. 

5. Apply our delivery label to the bag.

6. Let us know when you're dress is ready to be collected! Our team will arrange a day and time for your dress picked up by our courier from Monday - Friday.

7. RELAX! Your dress is in safe hands.

You can look forward to receiving your beautifully cleaned, repaired and packaged dress. The estimated date for return of your dress is 10-12 weeks (if you have not ordered an Express Package) from when it arrives with us. This can vary depending upon our workload and also if it is peak wedding season.