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Our Real Brides

Not only do we adore cleaning and preserving wedding gowns, we love to get to know our customers and learn all about their special day.

Below you will find the stories, images and reviews from some of our gorgeous brides.

Lauren Terris Taylor

Megan McKenna

Natalie Agnew

Isla McAuley

Jacqueline Muir

Lauren Wiles

Ainsley Weir

Nicole Englander

Fiona Hudson

Meghan Feeks

Vanessa Shepherd

Kirstyn Little

Kathryn Watkins

Gemma Evans

Hayley Carson

Phillipa Rees-Whitehead

Aileen Young

Kerry Chapman

Katy Lilly

Enya Jiggins-Roffey

Chloe Elmes

Victoria Omelia

Anna Walker

Katy Fox

Kerrie Austin

Adrienne Fallowfield

Kelly Zenati

Danielle Richardson

Zara Coner

Ronda Browne

Katie Birchall

Gemma Greenacre

Veronia Ashby

Rebecca Muir