The Perfect Christmas Gift – The Dress Cleaning Company

Our Wedding Dress Cleaning Package is the perfect Christmas Gift for a special woman in your life. You will be cherishing one of her most important memories.

Below you will find a description of each package and which gowns they suit.

Don't worry if you aren't too sure which package is best, just get in touch using our contact form or live chat box at the bottom of the page and one of our technicians will be on hand to help you!

If her all important gown has already been cleaned, why not buy her a gorgeous, personalised Wedding Dress Storage Box?

A Christmas Pearl

Perfect for a slim fitting dress that has no petticoats or long train.

A Christmas Opal

Perfect for a dress that has a small train or has 1 layer of nets.

A Christmas Crystal

Perfect for dresses that are fishtail, have a medium/full skirt or have 3 layers of nets.

A Christmas Diamond

Perfect for a ball gown style/dresses with more than 4 layers of nets.

A Christmas Voucher

If you don't want to choose a specific package, why not get a voucher instead? 

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